Weekly Update: 10.25-10.29

Construction is continuing to make great progress at our Five Farms campus!

The construction crew has continued installing the new water line up to the side of the clubhouse, where the ground has been excavated, and a new fire hydrant placed. Additionally, some of the sheetrock in the old kitchen was removed due to extreme moisture.

A new storm drainage pipe was added on the other side of the clubhouse by the Elm trees. With the assistance of Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc., Carroll Tree Service, Inc., and Ecotech, crews were able to use air excavation to preserve the health of our iconic Elm trees. Air excavation is the process of using compressed air to disturb the soil. Soil is vacuumed through a wide, flexible hose to a truck-mounted debris tank. Air excavation is used to expose underground utilities safely and allows backfill with the dry material.

Published by bcc1898

Baltimore Country Club was founded on January 12, 1898, at its Roland Park location.

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