Weekly Update: 11.1 -11.5

Construction has continued at our Five Farms campus! The construction crew completed installing the new water line up to the side of the clubhouse and for the future addition! After the air excavation on the other side of the clubhouse was finished, an access road was installed to allow temporary road access for construction trucks.Continue reading “Weekly Update: 11.1 -11.5”

Weekly Update: 10.25-10.29

Construction is continuing to make great progress at our Five Farms campus! The construction crew has continued installing the new water line up to the side of the clubhouse, where the ground has been excavated, and a new fire hydrant placed. Additionally, some of the sheetrock in the old kitchen was removed due to extremeContinue reading “Weekly Update: 10.25-10.29”

Weekly Update: 10.18-10.22

Construction has continued in and out of our Five Farms clubhouse! The construction crew has begun digging into the basement, which will be the foundation for the clubhouse addition. The temporary wall in the Terrace Room is complete and can be seen from the outside of the building. Additionally, the demolition of the area, whichContinue reading “Weekly Update: 10.18-10.22”

Weekly Update 10.11- 10.15

Our Five Farms clubhouse is now a complete construction zone! Demolition continues as the porches and patios are being torn up. A temporary wall has been put up in the Terrace Room to remove the existing column. Additionally, installation of the new water line going from the Golf House all the way to the frontContinue reading “Weekly Update 10.11- 10.15”

Weekly Update 10.4-10.8

The Five Farms clubhouse is getting down to the bare bones now during this phase of construction! Demolition has continued as the flooring in the Terrace, Tap, Card, and Tillinghast Rooms have been torn up. The biggest shock was to see the awning now completely gone from the Card Room Porch. Additionally, fencing has goneContinue reading “Weekly Update 10.4-10.8”

Where Does It All Go?

Wondering where the contents of the clubhouse will go during Phase 1 construction? As we lead up to groundbreaking on September 7, everything in the clubhouse must be stored away or relocated for the duration of construction. To ensure the safekeeping of all trophies, paintings, and photographs of archival substance, the Archive Committee has contractedContinue reading “Where Does It All Go?”