Weekly Update 3.21-3.25

Our Five Farms construction site has made significant progress this past week!

The construction crew has completed building the parapet wall framing and started to install the plywood walls. They poured and smoothed the concrete for the Outdoor Patio and the area outside the East Terrace Room. In addition, they closed the windows and door framing outside the building for protection from the weather. The construction crew continued to lay the brick for the clubhouse addition.

The crew opened up the wall between the Trophy Bar and the Main Grille Dining area in the clubhouse interior, which is now one open space. Next, they continued to build interior wall framing for the Main Grille Dining and Wine Room areas and install the drywall in the East Terrace and Trophy Bar areas. Finally, they placed plywood on the kitchen walls as the first step of walling.

Published by bcc1898

Baltimore Country Club was founded on January 12, 1898, at its Roland Park location.

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