Weekly Post 4.18-4.22

There are exciting and noticeable updates on the Five Farms construction site!

The construction crew installed a door for the hallway between the Gentlemen’s Locker Room and Rooftop Terrace. They have also completed the brickwork on the Rooftop Terrace and started brickwork outside the Adirondack Bar. In addition, welders have continued to ensure the stability of the columns for the porches. Inside the clubhouse, the construction crew has installed drywall and covered the nails with spackle in the Elm and Oak rooms, Trophy Bar, and the 1924 Grille. The plumbing rough-in work began in the Champions Gallery. Finally, the crew has placed three new vent hoods in the kitchen and taken down the large vent hood in the center of the room, which will return after it has been welded.

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Baltimore Country Club was founded on January 12, 1898, at its Roland Park location.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Post 4.18-4.22

    1. The 1924 Grille is the new main grille dining at Five Farms. 1924 is in reference of when Five Farms opened. Here is a link to view the rendering of the 1924 Grille on our Facebook page.


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