Weekly Update 5.2-5.6

Exciting updates on our Five Farms construction during the first week of May!

The construction crew has done a lot of work on the clubhouse interior. They have relocated the sprinkler lines, installed ceiling framing, and continued drywall installation. In the 1924 Grille, they are working on the dropped ceilings to match the look of the Trophy Bar. In addition, the construction crew has completed the drywall installation in the Champions Gallery, which gives a better picture of the space.

As for the clubhouse exterior, there is now access to the Rooftop Terrace from the stairs. The crew has also completed the installation of the rooftop trusses for the porches. Finally, they have begun to outline where the landscaping will be for the pedestrian courtyard.

Published by bcc1898

Baltimore Country Club was founded on January 12, 1898, at its Roland Park location.

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