Weekly Update 1.17-1.21

Construction at Five Farms has been continuing smoothly despite the frigid temperatures! The construction crew has erected the structural steel framing for the Main Grill Dining area! In addition, the mason has completed the elevator shaft for the addition area and will begin building the stairwell wall, which will help support the future Rooftop Terrace.Continue reading “Weekly Update 1.17-1.21”

Weekly Update 1.10 – 1.14

The wintry conditions have not stopped the construction progress on our Five Farms campus! The construction crew has cut a door opening and built the wall for the stairwell and future elevator shaft in the addition area. In the dining areas, they have begun ductwork and framing for the East Terrace Room, built the framingContinue reading “Weekly Update 1.10 – 1.14”

Weekly Update 1.3 to 1.7

The snow did not slow down construction progress at our Five Farms campus! The construction crew has finished storm pipe installation, so all pipe installations are now complete! For the clubhouse addition, they have continued to build the concrete slabs, placed footings for the new loading dock, completed the electrical and plumbing for this area,Continue reading “Weekly Update 1.3 to 1.7”

Weekly Update 12.27-12.31

Finishing off 2021 strong with many construction updates! The construction crew continued building the concrete slabs in the basement and installing the wet well in which the sump pump will eventually connect. Steel framing for the East Terrace Room was erected. Above the East Terrace, decking has been installed—which will be used for mechanical purposes.Continue reading “Weekly Update 12.27-12.31”

Weekly Update 12.6-12.10

Construction has progressed on the outside of the Five Farms clubhouse! The construction crew has rebarred the footings, waterproofed, and formed the columns for the new basement addition. These things will make way for pumping concrete into the columns and building the basement walls. In addition, they have completed the helical pile installation and placedContinue reading “Weekly Update 12.6-12.10”

Weekly Update 11.29-12.3

Construction at our Five Farms campus has progressed as significant changes have occurred with clubhouse additions. The construction crew has excavated and shored the basement addition to begin building the new Outdoor Patio and Rooftop Terrace. They have completed installing helical piles in the East Terrace Room area, and the concrete has been poured andContinue reading “Weekly Update 11.29-12.3”

Weekly Update 11.15-11.19

Construction at our Five Farms campus has seen many big changes since the last update! The temporary walls have been built in the Card Room and kitchen, which will help the construction team move forward with the following stages of Phase 1 construction. The most significant change is the removal of the stairwell between theContinue reading “Weekly Update 11.15-11.19”