Weekly Update 6.13-6.17

Summer temperatures have not stopped the progress on the Five Farms construction site! The construction crew has started to close the ceilings with drywall, install windows, and paint walls throughout the clubhouse. They have built scaffolding to start hanging drywall at the top of the stairs to the Rooftop Terrace. Other interior changes include droppingContinue reading “Weekly Update 6.13-6.17”

Weekly Post 5.31-6.3

Last week’s warm weather helped progress at our Five Farms construction site! The construction crew started to build the trim for the roofing for the additional structures to match the existing building. They have also removed the old transformer and replaced dirt to level the dug area. In the Adirondack Bar, they have continued toContinue reading “Weekly Post 5.31-6.3”

Weekly Post 5.23-5.27

Ending the month of May with exciting updates at our Five Farms construction site! The construction crew has added the next layer to the roofing, an ice and water shield that will protect the plywood underneath from water damage. They have also completed laying down the permanent roofing for the occupied terrace. In addition, theContinue reading “Weekly Post 5.23-5.27”

Weekly Update 5.16-5.20

Last week’s spring/summer weather definitely helped with construction progress at our Five Farms campus! The construction crew has started installing the roof sheathing, a layer of wood boards between the trusses and the final roofing. They also worked on the permanent roofing for the unoccupied terraces. In addition, the crew laid the brickwork for theContinue reading “Weekly Update 5.16-5.20”

Weekly Update 5.9-5.13

Exciting updates are happening throughout the Five Farms clubhouse! The construction crew has completed a lot of work in the Elm Room, including installing recessed lighting, building the wood framing for the ceilings, and applying drywall on the fireplace. Other interior clubhouse updates include installing electric lines, ceiling framing, ductwork, and bulkheads throughout the clubhouse.Continue reading “Weekly Update 5.9-5.13”

Weekly Update 5.2-5.6

Exciting updates on our Five Farms construction during the first week of May! The construction crew has done a lot of work on the clubhouse interior. They have relocated the sprinkler lines, installed ceiling framing, and continued drywall installation. In the 1924 Grille, they are working on the dropped ceilings to match the look ofContinue reading “Weekly Update 5.2-5.6”

Weekly Post 4.18-4.22

There are exciting and noticeable updates on the Five Farms construction site! The construction crew installed a door for the hallway between the Gentlemen’s Locker Room and Rooftop Terrace. They have also completed the brickwork on the Rooftop Terrace and started brickwork outside the Adirondack Bar. In addition, welders have continued to ensure the stabilityContinue reading “Weekly Post 4.18-4.22”

Weekly Update 4.11-4.15

Last week’s beautiful weather has resulted in a lot of progress on the Five Farms construction site! The construction crew completed the bricklaying on the chimney and walls, electrical, and waterproofing on the Rooftop Terrace. They have erected steel beams to support the roofing for the porches and worked on the columns on the existingContinue reading “Weekly Update 4.11-4.15”