Weekly Update 4.4-4.8

Last week’s rain did not stop the construction crew from making progress at our Five Farms clubhouse! The construction crew has started to build the stairwell, which will lead to the Rooftop Terrace. That area has gotten more wall framing and protection. In addition, they have enclosed the Foyer & Golfer’s Entry, where rough-in workContinue reading “Weekly Update 4.4-4.8”

Weekly Update 3.28-4.1

The construction crew has been working hard with updates at our Five Farms campus! The crew has built the wall framing on the Rooftop Terrace to differentiate the occupied terrace from the unoccupied spaces. In addition, they completed the bricklaying for the clubhouse addition. Next, they poured and smoothed the concrete for the area outsideContinue reading “Weekly Update 3.28-4.1”

Weekly Update 3.21-3.25

Our Five Farms construction site has made significant progress this past week! The construction crew has completed building the parapet wall framing and started to install the plywood walls. They poured and smoothed the concrete for the Outdoor Patio and the area outside the East Terrace Room. In addition, they closed the windows and doorContinue reading “Weekly Update 3.21-3.25”

Weekly Update 3.7-3.11

Construction continues to progress on our Five Farms campus! The construction crew has installed flat roofing on the Rooftop Terrace to protect the addition from the outside elements until the rooftop is built. They were also cutting wood to place in the two inches between the existing building and the addition to prevent cracking whenContinue reading “Weekly Update 3.7-3.11”

Weekly Update 2.7-2.11

The progress has continued at the Five Farms construction site! The construction crew has enclosed the East Terrace Room, so it is now part of the interior of the building. The chimney installation has begun in the Main Grille Dining and Outdoor Patio areas. The construction crew continued ductwork installation throughout the clubhouse and theContinue reading “Weekly Update 2.7-2.11”

Weekly Update 1.31-2.4

Exciting changes are happening at the Five Farms construction site! The construction crew has placed and smoothed the concrete for the Foyer and Golfers’ Entry. Temporary heat coming from the enclosed basement addition will help with curing the concrete in winter temperatures. They have also continued to build the masonry walls for the loading dock.Continue reading “Weekly Update 1.31-2.4”